Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner busted for alleged 198 mph run

Video shot by a passenger appears to show 185 mph on a public road.

A Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner faces several charges after allegedly going more than 100 mph above the posted speed limit.

An ABC11 report claims the 22-year-old driver was going 198 mph on US-1 near the Triangle Expressway in Wake County, North Carolina.

A video shows the digital speedometer apparently reading 185 mph as the car launches down the road. Another video shot from the roadside captures the Hellcat chased by a motorcycle. The 198-mph reported speed was apparently logged by the vehicle's performance app.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol received a tip that linked to a seven-minute YouTube video showcasing the alleged misdeeds, including going over 100 mph in a 40 mph zone and cranking out a few donuts.

The driver has reportedly been charged with street racing and reckless driving.

Only on #ABC11 the wild video of a street racing stunt in wake county. If you can believe it, the car got up to 198 MPH! @NCSHP pic.twitter.com/7kL4vBqSju

— Josh Chapin (@JoshChapinABC11) August 17, 2018

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