Dodge designer says Charger, Challenger splitter guards 'ruin' the cars' lines

The company is changing the protective shipping covers to purple, hoping to discourage buyers from leaving them in place.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' design team is apparently displeased that many Charger and Challenger owners are leaving the splitter guards on their cars.

The bright yellow plastic shields are designed to protect the edge of the splitter during transportation to the dealership. Some buyers like the visual accent, however, and have chosen to keep the guards in place or even install discarded covers if they were already removed upon delivery.
Speaking to The Final Word, Dodge design head Mark Trostle says the cars were never envisioned with yellow stripes on the splitter. The guards are "just ruining the paint" and should be pulled by dealers.
"To me, as a designer, it ruins the lines of the car," he opined.
The company is taking the issue seriously, vowing to introduce a new "fashionable purple color" to dissuade buyers from leaving the plastic shrouds in place. Some owners have already painted their guards, however, and the yellow guards will presumably continue to appear on eBay.
Many dealers are leaving the decision up to buyers, presumably hoping to gain a few extra sales from splitter-guard enthusiasts and ditching the pieces at the time of sale for those who agree with Trostle.
"For those who want to keep them on for a while, as a customer might do with a sticker on a new hat, we let the owner decide when to remove the plastic yellow splitters," said Miami Lakes Automall on its splitter-guard FAQ page.

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