FCA shows off 2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit to America's sheriffs

Dodge gets serious about selling its SUV to law enforcement.

Do you pride yourself on your knowledge of law enforcement headlight patterns? Can you spot the telltale running lamps of a Crown Vic or the subtle grille-mounted LEDs that differentiate a normal Ford Explorer from the Interceptor Utility model? Well, if you haven't added the Dodge Durango to your mental database, now is the time.

Dodge announced back in May that it was expanding its Pursuit lineup with the addition of the Durango as a late-availability option for 2018. While a "Special Service" model was already available, the 2018 "Pursuit" model had to earn its proverbial stripes with an available 5.7L Hemi V8, standard all-wheel-drive and upgraded stopping power.

After an abbreviated run of 2018 models, Dodge is preparing to churn out 2019s to waiting agencies. As an added bonus, this second model year gets an updated front fascia with larger brake cooling ducts and a load-leveling, performance-tuned suspension for improved stability and driver comfort.

FCA showed off the updated Durango Pursuit at the National Sheriffs' Association Show in New Orleans Friday; 2019 models will be available for order later this summer.

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