FCA douses cold water on 2023 Dodge Challenger speculation

The company claims the '2023' odometer reading was not an Easter egg.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles may not actually be planning to launch the next-generation Challenger and Charger in 2023.

The number 2,023 recently appeared on the odometer in a Challenger press photo, igniting speculation that the number points to the redesign timing.
Car and Driver has since talked to an FCA representative who claims the odometer reading was not intended to be an Easter egg.Despite the denial of any intentional hint, 2023 is still viewed as a likely launch window for the next-generation model, which would stretch the current platform for nearly two decades.
The company has apparently struggled to decide what to do with the muscle cars, shooting down initial plans to use the Alfa Romeo Giorgio architecture in favor of extensive modifications to the current platform.

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