Multi-million dollar Ferrari 288 GTO stolen on test drive

The car has been found but the suspect is still on the loose.

Police in Germany are on the hunt for a brazen car thief that nicked a multi-million dollar Ferrari during a test drive.

The theft occurred on Tuesday when a would-be car shopper arrived by taxi at a Düsseldorf dealership to inspect a Ferrari 288 GTO the lot had up for sale. After looking the vehicle over, the suspect, who had exchanged calls and emails with the dealership over the course of a few weeks, took the Ferrari for a test drive with a dealer representative.

At some point the two pulled over to switch seats. Only when then dealer rep exited the vehicle, the perp hit the gas and took off with the 288 GTO, valued at more than $2 million.

The heist wasn't very well thought out, however. A rare Ferrari painted in bright Rossa Corsa attracts a lot of attention, and the suspect was forced to abandon the car in a parking garage not far from the selling dealer. The multi-million dollar car was quickly spotted and reported to authorities.

It's not clear what the suspect would have done with the Ferrari had he managed to get away with it. Ferrari only built 272 units of the 288 GTO and collectors keep close tabs on them, so the car would have immediately been flagged as stolen, and therefor unsellable, on the open market.

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