Ferrari threatens to sue owner over smutty Instagram photos

The company is apparently unfamiliar with the 'Streisand effect.'

Ferrari has allegedly threatened to sue German fashion designer Philip Plein over a series of racy Instagram photos.

The Italian automaker is apparently displeased that Plein has posted several photos of his metallic-green 812 Superfast accompanied by scantily-clad models and pairs of the designer's gaudy sneakers.

"Ferrari's trademarks and model cars are associated in your pictures with a lifestyle totally inconsistent with Ferrari's brand perception, in connection with performers making sexual innuendos and using Ferrari's cars as props in a manner which is per se distasteful," Ferrari's law firm supposedly wrote in a letter posted on Plein's Instagram account. "The behavior tarnishes the reputation of Ferrari's brands and causes Ferrari further material damage."

Plein has apparently ignored Ferrari's alleged demand that he take down the photos within 48 hours. Unsurprisingly, the letter has only attracted more attention to the photos and Plein's brands.

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