Ferrari previews Paris-bound LaFerrari convertible

Ferrari will travel to this year\'s Paris show with the LaFerrari convertible.

Ferrari has confirmed that it will formally introduce a convertible version of its LaFerrari hyper-car at this year's Paris Motor Show.

One of the worst kept secrets in the industry, Ferrari confirmed on Tuesday that it will unveil the topless version of the LaFerrari at this fall's Paris Motor Show. Ferrari says it will announce technical specs and the car's official name at the Paris show.

Ferrari is planning a limited production run of the LaFerrari roadster, but the Italian automaker has not disclosed how many units are earmarked for production. However, earlier this year celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay stated on Top Gear that just 150 units of the topless wonder would be produced. At any rate, Ferrari says it has already sold every LaFerrari convertible it intends to build.

The LaFerrari convertible will use the same hybrid setup as its fixed-roof counterpart. That means a V12 engine mated to an electric motor, combining for 949 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque.

Ferrari says it has made "significant and extensive modifications” to the LaFerrari convertible's chassis to ensure the highest level structural rigidity. The company has also reworked the car's aerodynamics to uphold the coupe's drag coefficient when the convertible roof is stowed.

Look for full details on the Ferrari LaFerrari to break later this year.

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