Ferrari sells out $2.7M FXX K

Ferrari will build just 32 examples of its $2.7 million FXX K.

The Ferrari FXX K is all about big numbers, so it should come as no surprise that Maranello's latest hyper-car comes with a price tag that stretches well into the seven-figure range.

Boasting a track-tuned aero package, massive wheels and brakes, and an updated hybrid drivetrain rated at 1,035 horsepower, no one expected the LaFerrari-based FXX K to come cheap. And, according to Road & Track, that assumption was spot on — Ferrari will charge a cool $2.7 million for its range-topper.

The only number associated with the FXX K that isn't astronomically large is its planned production run. Ferrari plans to produce just 32 examples of the FXX K, ensuring the car's position as a hyper-exclusive hyper-car.

But before you cash in your 401k and run down to your local dealer, it should be mentioned that Ferrari has already sold every single FXX K planned for production.

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