Ford to end Fusion production next year

The Fusion Sport model won't even make it to 2020.

Ford has officially chiseled an end date on the Fusion's tombstone -- the automaker confirmed on Wednesday that the mid-size sedan will die off in 2020.

Ford spokesman Jiyan Cadiz confirmed to Automotive News that Fusion production will cease next year. Ford previously disclosed plans to discontinue the Fusion, but never gave a concrete date for the mid-size sedan's exit from the United States market.

The Fusion is one of four sedans Ford is killing off in the midst of a seismic shift toward SUVs, with the others being the Fiesta, Focus and Taurus.

Although the Fusion nameplate will live on for one more year, one derivative of the mid-size sedan won't. Ford confirmed to CarsDirect.com that it's discontinuing the Fusion's range-topping Sport trim for 2020.

Introduced for 2017, the Fusion Sport was intended to inject the mid-size sedan with some excitement. The Fusion Sport was powered by a 2.7L turbo V6 that cranked out 325 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. However, most customers balked at the Sport's $41,000 asking price, leading to a take rate of just 10 percent.

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