Ford to introduce adaptive steering in 2016 Edge

Ford is set to launch a new adaptive steering system.

Ford is set to roll out a new type of steering system that promises to make cars easier to maneuver at low speeds and smoother to drive at higher speeds.

Known as adaptive steering, the system uses a precision-controlled actuator that is contained entirely within the vehicle's steering wheel. The system works by changing the relationship between the input at the steering wheel and the movement at the road wheels, essentially creating a variable steering ratio.

At lower speeds the system automatic reduces the number of turns from lock-to-lock, making parking maneuvers easier. At higher speeds the opposite is true, resulting in smoother steering inputs.

"First and foremost, all Ford Motor Company products have to offer a great driving experience,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. "This new steering technology can help make vehicles easy to maneuver and fun to drive.”

Ford will introduce adaptive steering as a standard feature on its 2016 Edge Sport and as an available extra on the 2016 Edge Titanium. The technology will eventually be offered on several other Ford and Lincoln-branded vehicles. Ford is also introducing the steering technology in Europe; The first vehicles to get the system across the pond will be the Ford S-Max and Galaxy.

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