NHTSA investigates Ford Edge warning light complaints

More than 1,500 owners claim the \'door ajar\' warning light remains continuously illuminated.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has initiated a preliminary investigation into complaints of warning-light problems with the 2011-2013 Ford Edge.

The agency has identified at least 1,560 reports claiming the crossover's 'door ajar' warning light remains continuously illuminated, even when all doors are properly closed and secure.

A stuck warning light may not seem like a big deal with safety implications, however the NHTSA suggests the behavior essentially negates the effectiveness of the light as a safety system.

"When the light is illuminated continuously, vehicle occupants cannot be certain if any of the doors are properly latched," the investigation summary says. "Reported safety consequences as a result of this issue include doors opening while driving, doors cannot be locked while driving, and the interior dome lights staying on continuously."

At least one injury has been associated with the alleged glitch.

The NHTSA is now working to assess the scope and frequency of the reports to determine if a safety recall is warranted. The inquiry involves a vehicle population of around 380,000 units.

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