Ford's electric F-150 to follow Mach E in 2021

The company is expected to have six fully electric vehicles available by 2022.

Ford is reportedly planning to launch its all-electric F-Series pickup in 2021.

The company's first serious foray into the EV market will be the Mustang-inspired Mach E slated for 2020, followed the next year by the electric pickup, according to Automotive News.

The company has apparently shrugged off criticism that it has been late to the game. Executives argue that a more patient approach has allowed the automaker to avoid losing money and better align forthcoming products with buyer tastes that are only now becoming apparent.

"We could do all sorts of different things, but we're going to play to what we're good at: commercial vehicles, vans, pickups, performance vehicles and SUVs," Ford electrification director Ted Cannis told AN.

The approach contrasts with that of General Motors' early entry into the market with the Bolt. The subcompact EV has never been a strong seller and GM chief Mary Barra earlier this year admitted to investors that the company does not expect its EV lineup to be profitable until the end of the next decade.

The F-150 has long reigned as the best-selling nameplate in the US market. The Blue Oval would consequently be taking a big risk in assuming that truck buyers won't be interested in electric powertrains.

Ford has already kicked off a marketing campaign for the all-electric F-Series, showing a prototype towing 10 double-decker rail cars containing 42 F-150 pickups and weighing in at more than one million pounds. The demonstration was obviously not a representation of a real-world towing capability, though it did serve to highlight the extreme low-rpm torque available from electric motors.

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