Ford offers 'complimentary service' for Explorer exhaust fumes

The company will replace liftgate drain valves and inspect sealing around the rear of the vehicle.

Ford has launched a 'complimentary' service campaign to address complaints of exhaust odors in the 2011-2017 Explorer.

Despite an ongoing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration engineering analysis and hundreds of complaints alleging exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide in the cabin, the company insists "these vehicles are safe" and CO levels measured during internal tests do not exceed "what people are exposed to every day."

But, for "peace of mind," owners can take their vehicle to a dealer to receive revised air conditioning programming, replacement of liftgate drain valves and inspection of other seals in the rear of the vehicle.

"To be clear, other carbon monoxide concerns in Police Interceptor Utilities are related to unsealed holes from the installation of police equipment by third parties after the vehicle was purchased," the company said in a statement.

The repair campaign affects 1.3 million vehicles in the US market.

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