Ford recalls F-150 to prevent engine failures, rollaways

Some cylinder heads are missing lubrication holes for the camshaft bearings.

Ford has issued three recalls for certain new F-150 configurations.

Pickups from the 2018 model year with 3.3-liter engines and six-speed transmissions may exhibit problems with their column-mounted shift lever.

Rapid movement from park to drive may cause a glitch in the PRNDL indicator and cause brief engagement of reverse. Alternatively, the transmission might momentarily enter neutral and result in unintended vehicle movement.

Another issue focuses on 2017MY trucks with a 10-speed gearbox. If a pin attaching the shift linkage comes out, the shift lever will not change the transmission gear.

"If a vehicle cannot be shifted to park and the parking brake is not applied, unintended vehicle movement may occur, increasing the risk of a crash," Ford warns.

Finally, a few dozen 2018MY trucks may have left the factory with 3.5-liter engines that are missing lubrication holes for the camshaft bearing journals. The manufacturing error will presumably lead to quick engine failure, but Ford suggests all of the affected vehicles are believed to be in dealer inventory.

The company claims to be unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the three separate issues.

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