Ford sponsors six-hour 'Truck Weekend' TV series

Episodes highlight classic truck restoration, off-roading, modern F-150 assembly, and first-responder vehicles.

Ford has sponsored a History channel series, "Truck Weekend in America," with six hours of programming that celebrates truck culture.

The shows include six hour-long segments titledĀ  "Truck Night in America," focusing on off-road adventures; "Truck Hunters," dedicated to classic trucks; "Born Tough: Inside the Ford Factory;" "American Restoration: Truck Edition;" "Trucks Transformed: Custom Culture; " and "Rescue Trucks."

Ford says the series puts it "at the center of original storytelling," suggesting the content is a blend of self-promotional material and broad content appealing to the wider truck-enthusiast audience.

The series will begin Saturday, November 10, at 8 pm EST and finish Sunday night.

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