Exclusive: Ford to lower Focus Electric MSRP by $6,000

Ford\'s Focus Electric will soon get a significant price drop.

A dealer document has revealed that Ford will slash $6,000 from the price of its Focus Electric for the 2015 model year.

According to a document provided to Leftlane News, the 2015 Focus Electric will arrive on dealer lots with a starting price of $29,995, representing a $6,000 reduction compared to the MSRP of the 2014 model.

However, Ford's lower price point won't be limited to just the 2015 Focus Electric. In order to prevent a backlog of unsold 2014 models, the new MSRP will also be applied to any 2014 Ford Focus Electrics still in dealer inventory.

Rumors of a pending price cut swirled earlier this year after Ford authorized a dealer rebate of $6,000 on Focus Electric models.

Ford's new pricing strategy is intended to help the Focus Electric better compete against the Nissan Leaf, which is priced from $29,860 is base S form. However, it should be noted that the Focus Electric - which is offered exclusively in top-spec SEL guise - is actually equipped similarly to the mid-level Leaf SV ($32,950).

Ford says the lower MSRP should also help the Focus Electric find a few more potential buyers by skirting under the $30,000 price point in internet searches.

Ford's less expensive Focus Electric should be arriving on dealer lots within the next few days.

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