Spec sheet confirms 2017 Ford Focus Electric to get bigger battery

The 2017 Ford Focus will arrive with a bigger battery.

A leaked document has confirmed Ford's planned upgrades for its 2017 Focus Electric. Chief among the updates for the compact EV will be a bigger battery that will provide an increased driving range.

Inside EVs managed to get its hands on a 2017 Ford Focus Electric spec sheet with the print confirming what Ford promised at the end of last year — a bigger battery that will boost the car's overall range. According to the sheet the Focus Electric's battery will grow from 23 kWh to 33.5 kWh. That 46 percent improvement should net a driving range of about 110 miles, up from the car's current 76 mile rating.

Although that larger battery will put the Focus Electric on equal footing with the Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Nissan Leaf in terms of overall range, it'll still fall short of the 200 miles promised by the Chevrolet Bolt. Moreover, the Leaf is due for an overhaul, at which point Nissan will likely address battery capacity.

The new Focus Electric will at least boast DC fast charging that's capable of providing an 80 percent charge in about 30-minutes.

Ford is expected to unveil its 2017 Focus Electric at the 2016 Los Angeles auto show. The revised EV should hit Ford showrooms by the end of the year.

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