Spied: Ford Focus RS500?

The big Focus appears to be back!

Ford's hopped-up RS500 variant of the Focus RS appears to be returning, if our European spies are correct.

Spotted at the 'ring, this RS variant is boasting some prototype aerodynamic body work. The rear wing spoiler, especially, is clearly very early on in development and the hood is mismatched to the rest of the car's dark grey metallic paint. Could it be a composite piece of some sort?

It also appears that Ford's engineers are making adjustments to the block-off plates covering parts of the car's front-mounted intercooler, which would likely point to some sort of tweaking of the Focus RS's already-impressive power output. While it seems unlikely that we'd see a huge bump from this hotted-up hatch, we expect at least a few extra ponies will be on offer.

This prototype could also be a testbed for development of a new dual-clutch transmission designed specifically for performance applications. Unlike Volkswagen, Ford has thus far only offered its clutch-based automatics as efficiency-oriented transmissions for mainstream cars. Could this be the first product to shake up that pattern?

Whether this car will ever make it to U.S. shores is a matter of some doubt, but whatever form it takes, we look forward to seeing what Ford is cooking up. Stay tuned.

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