Ford discontinues Flex after 11 years

The unique "crossover wagon" sold 296,000 units in its lifetime.

Ford has announced plans to discontinue the Flex, marking the end for the "boring minivan" alternative.

The company says it sold more than 296,000 units across the entire 11-year production run. Sales have never been great, particularly in recent years, with Q3 2019 deliveries showing the Explorer and Edge ahead by a five-to-one margin and the Escape by ten-to-one.
"Its design traced its roots to the traditional family station wagons that many of our customers remember growing up with, but it brought forward modern sport/utility design elements and features both parents and kids loved," says Ford Flex marketing manager Chris Kessler.
In the end, the Flex did not appear to be popular among SUV/crossover buyers nor minivan enthusiasts.
The model was built at Ford's Oakville Assembly factory near Toronto. The plant had also built the Lincoln MKT, which ceased production earlier this month.

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