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Ford explores humanoid robots for package delivery

by Justin King

The bipedal robot will carry packages from an autonomous delivery vehicle to the recipient's doorstep.

Ford has announced a partnership with startup Agility Robotics to explore robot package delivery.

Self-driving vehicles are expected to shake up the logistics industry, potentially replacing human drivers for long-haul transportation. The "last mile" of a package's journey to the recipient's doorstep presents unique challenges, however.

Agility Robotics is developing humanoid bipedal robots that could be used to carry a package from a truck to a doorstep. Ford has teamed with the company to test how such robots can work with autonomous vehicles.

"Together, we will work toward making sure self-driving vehicles are uniquely outfitted to accomplish something that's proven surprisingly difficult to do: Carry out that final step of getting your delivery from the car to your door," the automaker says.

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