Ford debuts 2020 Mustang Mach-E

The crossover has Tesla's Model Y in its sights.

Ford has officially unveiled the Mustang Mach-E, breaking from the traditional Mustang lineup with its crossover form and all-electric powertrain.

The Mach-E GT Performance Edition serves as the flagship with an estimated 459 horsepower and 612 pound-feet of torque, launching the high-riding Mustang to 60 mph in the mid-three-second range. The standard GT will still hit 60 mph in under four seconds.
The company is aiming for 300 miles of EPA-estimated range for certain rear-wheel-drive configurations equipped with the largest battery. All-wheel-drive variants will be slightly lower at 270 miles with the big battery, or 210 miles with the standard module.
The Mach-E interior appears to take inspiration from Tesla with its uncluttered dashboard and massive 15.5-inch vertically-oriented central touchscreen. The display features a large physical scroll wheel above the bottom edge, however, providing a solution for drivers who prefer a control that can be easily operated without taking their eyes off the road.
Ford's press release is full of comparisons to Porsche's lineup, noting that the standard AWD Mach-E will be quicker to 60 mph than a basic Porsche Macan, the GT is faster off the line than a Macan Turbo, and the GT Performance Edition's acceleration is comparable to a 911 GTS. The Blue Oval does not mention the Taycan, which can hit the same speed in the mid-two-second range.
Ford is taking $500 refundable deposits for the Mach-E, including a limited-run First Edition configured with the extended-range battery and all-wheel drive. The crossover is expected to enter production by late 2020, apparently starting with the Premium edition that fetches $51,700. The base model will not begin rolling off the assembly line until 2021 with a price just shy of $45,000.
The Mach-E will be among the first direct rivals to the Tesla Model Y. Both are targeted to land on the market around the same time, with similar range options and pricing structures. Sales numbers will be closely followed, providing an opportunity to see how buyers vote with their wallets as the Detroit Big Three begin to enter the EV arena.

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