Ford documentary details Mustang Mach-E inception

The 20-minute film attempts to explain the rationale for using the Mustang name.

Ford has posted a documentary detailing the development process for the Mustang Mach-E, providing more explanation for the controversial decision to use the Mustang name for an entirely different type of vehicle.

The 20-minute video starts with a focus on the hideous "compliance car" (pictured) that had been in the works before Jim Hackett took over as chief executive in 2017 and told the team to start over from scratch.

"When I came into the role as CEO, electrification had stalled in the company. We tore up the existing prototype. We said 'we want to start over,'" Hackett says. "Ford stands for much more than just ... meeting environmental regulations."

The Blue Oval reorganized the program and created a group known as Team Edison that explored numerous conceptual designs before settling on a more exciting model that became the Mustang Mach-E.

Fans who disagree with the decision to use the pony-car nameplate can apparently blame Jim Farley, Ford's president of new businesses, technology and strategy, who originally suggested "what if we made it a Mustang?"

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