Ford: Mach-E opens the door for more Mustang models

The EV apparently marks the transformation of the Mustang nameplate into a sub-brand.

Ford's controversial decision to put the Mustang logo on a four-door crossover with an electric powertrain is apparently only the first step in expanding the pony-car brand.

"There's a lot of emotion with the Mustang, and it's time to progress that and make it spread wider," Ford's European design head, Murat Gueler, recently told Autocar.

The Mach-E prominently features a revamped version of the Mustang galloping horse logo, entirely omitting the traditional Blue Oval that can be found on most of Ford's other vehicles.

Gueler argues that the Mustang and Porsche's 911 have the highest nameplate recognition across the globe, prompting Ford to consider transforming the trademark into an entire sub-brand encompassing multiple different models beyond its 55-year history of two-door coupes and convertibles.

The company has not provided any hints regarding the next Mustang-badged model. The Mach-E will presumably be the first of several EVs, however the automaker has promised to avoid taking a "Russian doll" approach and simply making different sizes of the same vehicle. In any case, the Mach-E has set a precedent and it is unclear if the next all-electric model will still be adorned with a Mustang logo despite unique aesthetics.

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