Ford teases Mustang-styled electric crossover

The heavily-camouflaged prototype was undergoing winter testing.

Ford has quietly released the first teaser photos of its upcoming all-electric crossover.

The EV will borrow styling cues from the Mustang and will presumably be positioned as a somewhat performance-focused model. Unconfirmed rumors suggest the company is considering the name Mach-E.
The Tesla Model Y rival was initially expected to land in 2022. Ford leadership at some point decided to fast-track the project, however, and now aims for a 2020 launch.

The Blue Oval apparently took a patient approach to concentrate development efforts on the highest-volume segments, starting with crossovers and pickups, instead of rushing into the market with a low-volume niche model akin to the Chevrolet Bolt.

For now, Ford has divulged few specific technical details of the battery-powered crossover and the all-electric F-150 that will follow in 2021.

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