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Ford to give MyFord Touch more buttons, knobs

by Drew Johnson

Ford will revise its MyFord Touch infotainment system this summer.

Ford has announced plans to add more physical buttons and knobs to its MyFord Touch infotainment system following complaints that the system is too distracting and overly complicated to operate.

First launched for the 2011 model year, Ford touted MyFord Touch as a major step forward in vehicle infotainment, but the system was widely criticize by owners and the media alike for slow load times and an abstruse interface. Ford has since released several updates for MyFord Touch, but the system's ongoing shortcoming have dinged Ford's reputation in quality surveys. Consumer Reports even went as far as to say MyFord Touch "stinks”.

But Ford has apparently been listening to those complaints as the automaker announced on Monday that it will update MyFord Touch this summer to mirror the system currently used in the F-150 pickup truck. The F-150's version of MyFord Touch relies on physical buttons as well as a touchscreen interface.

"F-150 blends touch screen capability with traditional buttons and knobs, a similar balance planned for future Ford vehicles,” the automaker said in a statement.

"We are committed to listening to our customers and improving MyFord Touch to keep drawing in new customers and increasing satisfaction with even higher quality,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, global product development.

Ford says 79 percent of its vehicles are optioned with MyFord Touch, so the mid-year update will be an important one for the infotainment system.

Ford uses a similar system called MyLincoln Touch in its line of Lincoln luxury vehicles, but the automaker didn't reveal if the MyFord Touch changes would be applied to Lincoln's system.

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