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Ford to sit out 2019 Geneva auto show

by Ronan Glon

The timing doesn't meet Ford's requirements.

Ford will continue sitting out major European auto shows if they don't coincide with its launch schedule. The Detroit-based company has announced it won't be present at the 2019 Geneva auto show.

"We looked at all the things we had to do in 2019, and we've got a lot of stuff coming. But the way our product cadence works, we didn't feel that the Geneva timing met our requirements. Rather than go to Geneva with relatively small news, we would rather do something later that would give us more bang for our buck. I don't anticipate this will be a regular thing, though," a spokesperson for Ford told British magazine Autocar.

The anonymous spokesperson didn't reveal when Ford will make its product announcements in 2019. The new cars we expect to see include the face-lifted version of the Mondeo, which is sold as the Fusion in the United States.

Though Ford cited the Goodwood Festival of Speed as "a more worthwhile event," the company also pointed out the shows in Detroit and Geneva remain a priority for its marketing department. It could return to Geneva in 2020 and it's not sitting out the upcoming Detroit auto show. We expect to see the 700-horsepower-plus GT500 and the long-awaited new Bronco unveiled at the Cobo Center.

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