Ford to support Amazon In-Car delivery

Owners will also be able to have their car washed while parked at home or at work.

Ford has announced plans to begin supporting Amazon's In-Car delivery service.

The program will allow supported Ford and Lincoln vehicles to be used for Amazon Prime deliveries. Rather than having a package placed on a doorstep or in a mailbox, the deliveries are securely placed in the recipient's vehicle.

Eligible Ford models start with select 2017-model-year vehicles equipped with FordPass Connect, while Lincoln starts with the 2018 model year and requires Lincoln Connect.

"In-Car delivery will be available virtually anywhere that Amazon offers the service, which is currently in several US ciities and surrounding areas," Ford says.

To enable the service, vehicle owners must download the FordPass or Lincoln Way app and link to their Prime account via the Amazon Key app.

The service provides multiple alerts, including a notification before the delivery takes place and a confirmation when the package has been placed in the car. The delivery driver is required to double check that the vehicle has been locked.

Ford is also collaborating with several car-wash companies that will be able to use the remote access feature to wash a car while it is in someone's driveway or parked at work.

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