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Ford GT Carbon Series sheds weight, keeps air conditioning

by Justin King

The Carbon Series is billed as a more comfortable track car that still provides a radio for the ride home.

Ford has revealed the GT Carbon Series, a lightweight variant arriving for the 2019 model year.

The Carbon Series is the lightest car in the GT lineup, shedding 40 pounds thanks to composite wheels, a polycarbonate engine cover, titanium exhaust, and less paint.

Unlike the Competition Series, the latest lightweight variant retains a radio, Sync 3, and air conditioning.

The exterior is distinguished by more exposed carbon fiber including the stripes, A-pillars, lower body panels and gloss wheels. The interior carries the same theme with visible carbon sills, air register pods and center console.

"While the Ford GT Competition model appeals to hardcore racing enthusiasts, we found more customers asking for more exposed carbon fiber with the air conditioning and radio still intact. So we developed the Carbon Series to satisfy that need, while providing a distinct look," says Ford Performance marketing manager Lance Mosley.

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