Ford launches new track-training program for Mustang Shelby GT500 buyers

The new Ford Performance Racing School is located at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.

Ford has detailed its latest Performance Racing School complementary driving instruction program for Mustang Shelby GT500 buyers.

The company has established a new training center at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, inviting owners to become familiar with the GT500's performance and handling characteristics on the road course and drag strip. Training will include a combination of classroom instruction and track time.

Ford says the course will focus on cornering, braking and launch techniques, including the GT500's drive modes and launch-control feature. Naturally, a fleet of GT500 cars will be on hand for use in all exercises. An optional second day of on-track instruction will be performed in Mustang GTs equipped with upgraded suspension and brakes.

"We've set a new standard among American performance cars with our most powerful street-legal V8 to date, plus the quickest-shifting transmission ever in a Mustang for all-out precision and speed," says Dave Pericak, Ford's director of enterprise product line management. "GT500 Track Attack is absolutely essential in helping owners understand how to get the most out of their cars."

Ford will cover all costs of instruction, while owners will be responsible for travel and hotels. The optional second training day will also require additional payment. The company is considering additional options for guests.

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