Ford committing to four-door Mustang with turbo V8?

The high-performance sedan would be positioned as a Porsche Panamera rival.

Ford has allegedly told dealers that it is working on a four-door Mustang variant.

The company has already confirmed plans to build an all-electric SUV inspired by the Mustang. It was initially teased as the Mach1 but will arrive under a different name.

Sources now tell Mustang6G the company claims to be developing a Mustang-based sedan with a turbocharged V8 engine. It would be positioned as an American rival to the Porsche Panamera.

Ford is among several automakers shifting away from the sedan segment as buyers continue to gravitate toward high-riding models.

A Mustang fastback sedan would seem to go against Ford's SUV-focused roadmap. The company may feel that a high-performance model will not suffer the same fate as its mainstream sedans, however.

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