Is this the hybrid Ford Mustang?

Or is it Ford's electric crossover?

Ford released a new television ad starring actor Bryan Cranston to mark the beginning of its next marketing campaign. The company may have cleverly hidden a preview of the gasoline-electric hybrid Mustang it's currently working on in the footage.

The mysterious Mustang appears 37 seconds into the commercial. Though dark, the image shows a design that's the exact opposite of the one worn by the Shelby GT500. The 700-plus-horsepower monster wears massive air intakes; the one depicted in the video sees its grille replaced by body-colored insert with a back-lit Mustang emblem.

These are design cues we normally associate with an electrified model. They don't exactly scream raw and loud V8 power. The video doesn't show the rest of the car. Ford hasn't commented on the model yet so we're still at the speculation stage. What we do know is that a hybrid Mustang will make its debut in about 2020.

If it's not a Mustang, what is it? Another plausible option is that Ford gave us an early look at its upcoming electric crossover. No longer named Mach 1, the model will arrive in about 2020 with a design that will liberally borrow styling cues from the Mustang.

We may learn more about the model depicted in the video in the coming months. CES and the upcoming auto shows in Los Angeles and Detroit give Ford three potential platforms from which to announce more information about the car it teased.

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