Next-gen Ford Mustang to borrow Explorer platform?

The current model's successor is not expected to arrive until 2026 or later.

Corroborating previous rumors, Ford is reportedly planning to build the next-gen Mustang on the same platform that underpins the latest Explorer.

Known as CD6, the 2020 Explorer's platform is a rear-wheel-drive architecture with a longitudinal-engine configuration. Executives have previously indicated all of Ford's RWD/AWD nameplates will eventually be based on the CD6 platform.

An Automobile report now claims the next-gen Mustang will make the switch to CD6, requiring the pony car to be scaled up to roughly the same footprint as the Dodge Challenger.

Conflicting sources claim the next-gen Mustang will not arrive until sometime between 2026 and 2029. In the meantime, the current Mustang is expected to receive a significant mid-cycle update and a hybrid variant for 2022.

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