VW finalizes contract to use Ford platform for new pickup

The companies are also exploring collaboration on autonomous driving and 'mobility' services.

Volkswagen and Ford have reportedly finalized a deal to collaborate on a new pickup.

The German automaker is expected to use Ford's Ranger platform to build a next-generation Amarok pickup (pictured). VW last year submitted trademark filings to pave the way for an Amarok launch in the US market.

The companies are also involved in discussions to develop commercial vehicles and share costs to pursue other expensive technologies such as self-driving vehicles.

"We are in constructive talks about taking a stake in Argo, the Ford division for autonomous driving," VW commercial vehicles head Thomas Sedran said on Tuesday, as quoted by Reuters. "A joint company for offering mobility as a service is also a possibility."

The partnerships are said to be aimed at reducing development costs by billions of dollars.

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