Genesis G70 will out-accelerate Kia Stinger

Genesis plans a more hardcore 3 Series rival.

Kia raised eyebrows earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show when it introduced the 2018 Stinger, a rear-wheel drive sports sedan billed as an alternative to the BMW 3 Series. A Hyundai spokesperson has revealed Genesis' version of the car will put an even bigger focus on performance.

The upcoming Genesis G70 will ride on the same platform as the Stinger, but the similarities between the two models will stop there.

"The Stinger is a five-door touring sedan with a hatch, while the G70 is a pure sports sedan. In terms of size, the G70 is shorter, narrower and lighter and also has a shorter wheelbase -- hence, it's reasonable to assume it will offer better performance [than Stinger]," hinted Guido Schenken, the manager of Hyundai's Australian PR office, in an interview with website CarAdvice.

In its fastest configuration, the Stinger hits 60 mph from a stop in 5.1 seconds thanks to a twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 engine.

Genesis' answer to the 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class will likely receive the same six-cylinder, but it will perform the benchmark zero-to-60-mph sprint in under five seconds. Schenken's comments about the G70 being smaller suggest it will be more dynamic to drive than its Kia-badged sibling, which was honed on Germany's grueling Nurburgring track.

The 2018 Genesis G70 is tentatively scheduled to debut before the end of the year, meaning it could debut in the fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show or in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show. When it lands, it will be positioned at the very bottom of Genesis' growing lineup.

Note: 2016 Genesis New York Concept pictured.

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