GM to revive Hummer name for GMC-badged electric pickup?

Rumors of an electric Hummer have circulated for months.

Rumors surrounding the rebirth of General Motors' Hummer brand have resurfaced yet again, this time pointing to an all-electric pickup sold under the GMC brand.

Previous rumors have already associated the revived Hummer name with GM's electric pickup plans. The latest rumor, posted by Wall Street Journal, is the first to indicate the trademark will be a nameplate for GMC rather than reemerging as an independent sub-brand.

The GMC Hummer is said to be featured in a Super Bowl ad with LeBron James, the NBA icon who previously worked with Kia to promote the K900 luxury sedan.

GM may be encouraged by an apparently warm reception to the Tesla Cybertruck, which features a polarizing faceted body and quickly tallied 250,000 deposits just days after making its formal debut. The range-topping configuration boasts a 2.9-second launch to 60 mph, 500 miles of range, 16 inches of ground clearance and 14,000 pounds of towing capacity. The specs point to straight-line performance on par with supercars with the utility of a heavy-duty truck.

The pickup segment has continued to grow as buyers shift toward larger high-riding vehicles, with the Ford F-150 holding the crown as the best-selling nameplate in the US market for many years. Until recently, traditional automakers seemed skeptical that pickup buyers would be receptive to all-electric trucks. Tesla has demonstrated that such thinking may no longer be valid. Both Ford and GM have committed to building battery-powered trucks, with the electric F-150 due in 2021 alongside the Cybertruck. GM is slightly behind with a rumored 2022 launch.

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