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Honda dealers asked to clear 2012 Civic stock ahead of refreshed model

by Paul Rachwal

Honda dealers are told to sell off 2012 Civics as the refreshed 2013 model will shame it.

A letter sent to U.S. Honda dealers by David Hendley, the Assistant Vice President Honda National Sales, is urging them to sell off their current 2012 Civic inventory before the redesigned car arrives. That upgraded Civic is also said to arrive at dealers on November 29,

In the letter, which was shared by Autoblog, Hendley goes on to rationalize the urge to sell the existing stock, as "the changes made to the 2013 model will make the outgoing 2012 Civic a difficult model [to] sell when they are side to side." Exactly what the changes involve wasn't detailed, though Hendley did say the exterior styling will make the car look more premium and sport. Inside, improvements and upgrades are said to be numerous and bring more sophistication and quality.

In the letter, Hendley asks dealers that they reduce the stock of their remaining model year 2012 Civics by a minimum of 60 percent before December 1, 2012. He adds that the Indiana plant will be churning out the revised Civics at full capacity, while stock will also come from plants in Canada.

The current, ninth-generation Civic has only been on sale for about a year now. Honda felt it necessary to refresh the car ahead of schedule due to the poor reviews it received from industry experts and performance as well as features and standard equipment that were judged to be uncompetitive with other cars in the class.

Otherwise, the letter thanks dealers for reducing the levels of the 2012 Accord ahead of the new model.

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