Honda promises to fix CR-V engine issues

Owners have complained of stalling and other problems, allegedly caused by gasoline-contaminated oil.

Honda has promised to address complaints alleging engine trouble with the popular CR-V.

Consumer Reports has received nine reports of engine problems from its own members this year and identified dozens of similar complaints in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database.

The magazine suggests the issue involves gasoline contamination in the engine oil and affects 2017 and 2018 CR-Vs with Honda's 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

In China, Honda issued a recall for a different engine that suffered from "an inappropriate fuel-injection setting" that causes unburnt fuel to find its way into the oil system at extremely cold temperatures of -4° F and below, particularly when the engine has not been warmed up.

Honda is not handling the US problems as a safety recall, despite allegations of engine stalling while underway. Instead, the company will roll out a mystery fix later this year under a warranty program.

"Honda has been investigating the situation and developing a remedy, which we hope to make available through authorized Honda dealers by mid-November 2018," the company said.

The statement acknowledges that the problems are primarily reported during extreme cold weather conditions in northern areas of the country. CR has heard of similar complaints from owners in much warmer states ranging from Kentucky to Texas, however, and some complaints allege fuel mixing with oil when temperatures are higher than 40 degrees.

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