Honda Civic Type R spotted with smaller wing

The photo meshes with rumors of a cheaper Type R on the horizon.

A new Honda Civic Type R variant may have been spotted ahead of its official debut.

A photo posted by the Instagram account for a Honda dealer in the Netherlands city of Zoetermeer shows a flatbed truck hauling a Civic Type R outfitted with a modestly size spoiler in place of the current model's massive wing spoiler.

An accompanying photo shows a camera car spotted nearby, suggesting the new configuration was driving undisguised while filming for a commercial.

An NHTSA filing spotted in 2017 hinted at two Type R variants for the US market. The speculation never came to fruition for the 2018 model year, however.

The Type R is available in other regions with a choice between Touring and GT trims, both with the prominent wing spoiler. The Netherlands photo suggests a cheaper toned-down package is on the way.

The smaller wing could also be added as a simple option for the current Type R without changing the overall price, presumably aimed at reaching buyers who have no qualms about the $37,230 price tag but consider the big wing to be an ostentatious deal-breaker.

Rival automaker Subaru appears to have had similar reservations about interest in massive wings when reviving the special-edition BRZ tS for the 2020 model year.

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