Honda E Prototype to spawn entire family of EVs

One of them could draw inspiration from the E Prototype.

The production version of the E Prototype that Honda will display during the 2019 Geneva auto show will be the first in a long series of electric cars. The company confirmed the model's all-new, rear-wheel drive platform will underpin several vehicles, including one that, if approved for production, will certainly please enthusiasts who live in the markets it's sold in.

Kohei Hitomi, the E Prototype's project manager, confirmed the expansion to British magazine Autocar. He added the platform was developed to underpin small cars, so don't expect to see an electric Pilot built on it. The cars that use the architecture will compete in Europe's A and B segments; the A segment is as small as it gets, like the Volkswagen up!, while the B segment is a step up, like the Ford Fiesta.

Hitomi stopped short of revealing the models Honda has in store. However, he hinted that most -- but not all -- of them will follow the design direction blazed by the E Prototype. And, while he didn't reveal the body styles planned, he suggested the well-received Sports EV concept (pictured) introduced in at the Tokyo auto show in 2017 could reach production sooner or later.

"It can be any car. It can be a sporty car or a box-type car. Personally, I'd very much welcome a sporty car on that platform," he said.

What remains to be seen is whether any of these electric cars will be sold in the United States. The E Prototype (which previews a B segment car) will not make the trip across the Atlantic due to its small size. Anything smaller is highly unlikely to see the inside of an American showroom. We'll learn more about Honda's electric car expansion during the 2019 Geneva show.

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