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Honda EV prototype revealed ahead of Geneva

by Ben Hsu

It loses its retro charm.

Honda has released an illustration of its upcoming electric vehicle hatchback. It appears to be a closer-to-production version of the Urban EV concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show last year.

That car received rave reviews based on its design, which took inspiration from the first-generation Honda Civic. Unfortunately, from the image released, the car has lost some of that retro charm. It looks more cute than purposeful, with bubbly fenders that evoke a robot pug.

It loses the body-colored roof in favor of a contrasting black canopy. It keeps its door-mounted cameras in place of mirrors, along with the illuminated Honda logo on the grille.

In 2017, Honda confirmed that the car will go on sale in Europe and Japan, but not the US because it was deemed to small for the American market. Electric motors and battery are still the presumed powertrain.

The yet unnamed prototype will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, with the production version said to go on sale later in the year.

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