Honda extends CR-V, Civic warranty over 1.5L engine  problems

Oil in the turbocharged engine may become mixed with fuel.

Honda has reportedly launched an extended warranty program for certain 2017-2018 CR-Vs and 2016-2018 Civics powered by the company's 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

Oil in the engines can become contaminated with fuel, causing reduced power or misfiring, according to a memo to dealers obtained by Consumer Reports. The issue is said to be rare and tied to software settings or hardware failures.

Buyers will have an extra year of powertrain coverage, totaling six years from the date of purchase with no mileage cap.

"Abnormal oil dilution remains extremely rare, especially outside of extremely cold weather,” Honda spokesman Chris Martin said in an emailed statement. "In extreme and rare cases in the cold-weather states, where abnormal oil dilution has occurred prior to a vehicle receiving the software updates, this extension will provide extra time for any undetected engine damage to become apparent and be covered by the warranty."

Despite the comments, CR has heard complaints from owners in warmer climates such as California and Texas. A free software fix is available for around 239,000 vehicles. The magazine has called on Honda to treat the issue as a safety recall, however, as some owners are reporting stalling problems.

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