Honda recalling 137,000 CR-Vs for unexpected air bag deployment

Most of the recalled CR-Vs are located in the U.S.

Honda is recalling 137,000 units of its popular CR-V SUV to address a potential safety defect that could cause the vehicle's driver air bag to deploy inadvertently.

According to Honda, metal burrs within the steering wheel mechanism can wear the air bag wiring harness, which could cause certain components to short circuit or overheat. If that occurs, the vehicle's driver air bag can deploy, even if there is no crash.

Honda will remedy the problem by installing a new steering wheel wiring harness, along with a new supplemental restraint system cable reel, according to Reuters.

In total the recall covers 137,000 CR-V SUVs from the 2019 model year. Of those, 118,000 are in the United States; Honda says the other 19,000 vehicles are located in Korea and Canada.

The recall has not been linked to any crashes or deaths, but the defect is blamed for three injuries. There have been six reported cases of unexpected air bag deployment.

The latest safety campaign is unrelated to Honda's massive Takata air bag recall that covered 12.9 million vehicles in the U.S.

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