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Honda to begin taking orders on retro-styled Urban EV in 2019

by Ben Hsu

The car will debut later that year in Europe, but there are no plans for the US.

Honda has further confirmed its plans for a production version of the Urban EV concept. The company announced at the Geneva Motor Show this week that it will begin taking orders for the retro-electric hatchback starting in 2019.

Unfortunately, Honda has stated that the Urban EV, or whatever the production name turns out to be is, is not slated for the US market. At four inches shorter than a Honda Fit, it is deemed too small for Americans, said a Honda spokesperson last November at SEMA. It will go on sale in Europe, though, and Honda is anticipating an eager response, saying that it will open pre-orders starting in early 2019. The car will debut later that year.

There will be a few changes to the production version, according to Autocar. There will be five seats rather than the concept's four, and the interior will look much more conventional, with traditional switchgear and eschewing the concept's dash-wide screen.

However, exterior design will change very little, thanks to the positive response the concept has gotten. The retro shape, based on the iconic first-generation Honda Civic, was well received among traditional car aficionados and EV enthusiasts alike when it was unveiled last year the Frankfurt Motor Show and confirmed for production soon after. There was no word on whether the rear-hinged doors will make it to production, though.

Images by Ronan Glon.