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Geneva LIVE: Hyundai 'Le Fil Rouge' concept

by Justin King

The HDC-1 is said to introduce a new design era for the Korean automaker.

Hyundai has revealed the 'Le Fil Rouge' concept (HDC-1) at the Geneva Motor Show, providing a peek at the brand's future design vision.

"‘Le Fil Rouge' is a reinterpretation of Hyundai's design DNA that originated from the brand's historical Hyundai Coupe Concept in 1974," says Hyundai design head Luc Donckerwolke.

The HDC-1 has been penned to fulfill an abstract design theme described as "Sensuous Sportiness." The styling cues will eventually be shared across the Hyundai range, sedans and SUVs alike.

Designers used the mathematical golden-ratio to guide the concept's proportions. The exterior lines are inspired by "Light Architecture," while the exterior and interior are merged by "Tube Architecture."

The company has not confirmed which model will be the first to draw from the Le Fil Rouge.

Live photography by Ronan Glon.

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