Hyundai hints at N-badged pickup

The Ford Ranger Raptor has apparently demonstrated the viability of high-performance midsize pickups.

Hyundai may be considering a high-performance version of its upcoming Santa Cruz pickup.

When asked if an N-badged edition is on the product roadmap, Hyundai N head Albert Biermann told Australia's Motoring that "you have to be ready for everything from Hyundai and Kia, everything is possible."
The Korean automaker's head of global design, SangYup Lee, earlier this year said that Santa Cruz styling had been modified late in development to make the model "a lot more distinctive" with "a lot more character.
"Offering a faster Santa Cruz N would certainly make the truck more distinctive in terms of both performance and styling.
Ford is rumored to be planning a Ranger Raptor launch in the US market, perhaps as early as 2021 with a 325-horsepower EcoBoost V6. The F-150 has apparently been a strong seller for the brand, presumably fetching decent margins while serving as a halo truck for the best-selling nameplate in the country.
Hyundai's Santa Cruz is also expected to arrive in 2021 to take on the next-generation Ranger and other midsize pickups.

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