Hyundai investigates Kona Electric 'explosion' in garage

The owner claims his garage door was blasted across the street.

Hyundai is investigating an incident in Canada involving a Kona Electric that allegedly exploded in its owner's garage.

Montreal resident Piero Cosentino claims the electric crossover caught fire in his garage and then exploded, launching the garage door across the street and burning a hole through the roof.

Lithium-ion batteries can burn violently but previous EV fire reports have not appeared to involve such an extreme explosion. It is unclear if the battery module may not have vented gasses in the event of an internal fire, or if there is another explanation altogether.

"We are working with authorities and fire investigators in Montreal to understand the root cause of the incident, as this is not yet known. As is always the case, the safety of our customers is our first priority and we will push to fully understand the issue as quickly as possible," Hyundai said in a statement to Automotive News Canada.

The incident follows months after a Tesla vehicle caught fire in a Shanghai parking garage. Surveillance video showed flames shooting out from beneath the car, which was not connected to a charger at the time. The company claimed to have addressed the issue via a software update to prevent further failures.

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