Hyundai updates electric scooter prototype

Like Audi's e-tron scooter, the Hyundai scooter has a range of 12 miles.

Hyundai has revealed a new electric scooter concept with a range of around 12 miles.

Building upon a concept revealed at CES in 2017, the latest scooter switches to rear-wheel drive and adds suspension for the front wheel to provide a smoother ride.

Like Audi's e-tron scooter, the latest Hyundai prototype can travel for up to 12 miles with a top speed of 12 mph. It is equipped with two curved front LED headlights and dual tail lamps.

The scooter is designed for portability, weighing just 17 pounds and features a folding frame to stow in a vehicle trunk.

Hyundai plans to equip the device with a regenerative braking system that will increase its range by a modest seven percent.

Like Audi, Hyundai suggests the scooter may eventually be put into production and sold with upcoming vehicles. Other automakers will presumably continue to put resources into scooters as an element in their "last mile" urban mobility strategies, providing a way for people to get from a parking area to their final destination without having to walk.

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