Hyundai recalls new Sonata to replace front airbag

The sedan failed the NHTSA\'s compliance tests.

Hyundai has issued a recall for a relatively small batch of 2016 Sonata sedans.

The vehicle recently failed to meet all necessary requirements in a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compliance evaluation.

"Some results exceeded the Nte (tension-extension) component of the Nij neck injury parameter as defined in S26.3 when tested under the procedures of S26.3 (the driver position fifth percentile female unbelted low risk deployment)," the recall notification says. "A frontal air bag that does not adequately protect the driver's neck may increase their risk of injury in the event of a crash."

Hyundai service technicians will instal a new front airbag module to resolve the issue. The repairs are expected to begin by October 14.

Only 602 units are currently listed in the US market.

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