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Hyundai to take on hot CUV market with Tucson N?

by Byron Hurd

Hyundai will bring a 340-horsepower version of its CUV to market, a report says.

The hot crossover wars will soon get even hotter. According to a report from the UK, Hyundai is going to bring a 340-horsepower, N-badged Tucson to market in Europe, taking the fight to the Audi SQ5 et al.

Since Auto Express' report focuses on the European market, it's hard to say whether America will see the fruits of this endeavor. Why? Well, it's complicated.

If Hyundai is planning to take the fight to the likes of Audi and the Cupra Ateca (a performance CUV from SEAT's performance sub-brand) in Europe, it can't rely on its upmarket brand ( Genesis) to do the job because it has no presence there.

In the U.S., however, the forthcoming Genesis GV line of CUVs would be the ideal platform upon which to build fast 'utes aimed at the luxury market.

However, that doesn't rule out a Hyundai Tucson N as a competitor to the likes of the Ford Edge ST or the all-new Chevrolet Blazer.

The current Hyundai Tucson is several years into its life cycle, which means an N model would likely be its swan song (especially if it's still one or two years out, as the report suggests).

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