Infiniti kicks off Q60 production in Japan

The Tochigi plant was outfitted with a new paint booth dedicated solely to applying \'Dynamic Sandstone Red\' paint.

Infiniti has kicked off production for its new Q60 sports coupe, now rolling off the assembly line at the company's Tochigi plant in Japan.

The Q60 is said to represent the start of a 'new chapter' in the factory's 27-year history, requiring a number of upgrades and several innovations that will presumably be used to produce future models.

The Q60's sharp angles and body lines required deep-body stamping machines, along with new equipment to build the coupe's unique resin trunk lid.

"In a world's first application, this trunk lid is a hybrid combination of a resin skin on a steel frame," the company said in a statement. "It gives Infiniti designers more freedom to develop shapes that can then be built in a single part."

The Tochigi facility also required a new paint booth dedicated solely to applying the Q60's new Dynamic Sandstone Red paint finish. Engineers and technicians first had to experiment with hundreds of paint formulations and application methods, settling on an approach that combines automated and manual processes.

The Q60 is expected to land in US showrooms sometime in September.

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